Please Donate!

Did you know a donation of:
$1 buys a day's worth of food for a dog that has nothing
$5 donation buys a Bordetella shot which prevents kennel cough
$15 donation buys a set of vaccinations for a puppy
$25 donation buys a Lyme Disease and Heartworm test
$60 donation buys a Kuranda Bed
$100 donation pays for health certification and transportation
$135 donation pays for spaying or neutering
$500 to $800 donation pays for Heartworm treatment
Please don't think every dollar doesn't count, because it does, small donations add up to make a big difference.


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Monthly Sponsorship

Thank you to our monthly sponsors!
We need your help to be able to continue to take care for our rescued dogs and cats. Please click on the Donate button to choose the amount you wish to donate or if you wish to donate a monthly amount, chose which Subscription plan you would prefer. Subscription plans can be canceled any time. (Note: does not require a PayPal account). If you are having difficulties making a donation through this donation button, please feel to call us at 844-948-1311