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Project P.U.P.S.

In the rural communities of the southern United States, we have seen an influx of pregnant dogs entering shelters by owner surrender or strays found wondering the streets. To equalize this influx of pregnant dogs, we implemented P.U.P.S.





Project P.U.P.S. will save dogs by; reducing the number of intakes at shelters, assisting in the prevention of and spreading of animal diseases, and by uniting local communities through education.


Prevent Disease: Educating the community on the importance of healthy animals, which includes spay / neutering and routine medical care for their pets.  Assist the shelter and community in reducing the number of stray and surrendered dogs that go into local shelters.


Unite the Community: Recruiting of local businesses and volunteers, assisting and educating them in the importance and implementation of community events to raise full awareness of local animal shelters needs and how to prevent the spread of animal diseases.


Provide Aid: Unplanned / unwanted litter of pups, we will, free of charge, provide full medical care including spay and neutering of the puppies (when old enough), mother, father, and any other dogs in the household or in the local community. 


Save the Dogs: Should we find these dogs are no longer wanted by their owners, in place of being surrendered to the shelter, when the dogs are ready, we will transport the entire family to Wisconsin into foster homes until we are able to place them into the perfect family homes. 





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