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Adoption Process

The adoption process is as follows:


1. Applicant completes an application online. Adopters must be at least 21 years of age.  After completing the application, be sure to call your veterinarian and allow them to release records for your current and previous pets.  This is very important to do.
2. Upon application receipt, the Adoption Director will call and interview the applicant by phone. Personal references will be checked as needed. Vet references will definitely be checked if you currently own or have owned pets.  [Please note: If your vet or other references request a signature before releasing information, the Adoption Committee will contact you to get a signature release.] Please be aware that we will also conduct background checks. 
3. A pre-adoption home visit may be scheduled, if deemed necessary.  If you already have dogs and/or cats in the home, they must all be spayed or neutered, or your adoption may NOT be approved.
4. The Adoption Director will discuss the various available pets with the potential adopter(s) and provide them with the name and contact information of their foster family. At that point, it is up to the foster to decide when to schedule a meeting between the adoptive family and the dog or cat. The foster family has input on the final adoption approval.
5. Once the potential adopter(s) are cleared and are ready to adopt a specific dog, the adopter(s) must sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee. For fees, please see "Adoption Fees". No more than two pets can be adopted by the same person at one time and siblings from the same litter cannot be adopted together.
6. If an adopting family cannot keep their dog or cat for any reason at any time, they must be returned to Sandi Paws Rescue. We will find another home for the pet.
A successful adoption depends on the selection of the right pet for your household and your understanding of your responsibility of adopting a rescued animal. Our adoption procedures have been designed to make sure all rescued Sandi Paws pets are placed in an appropriate, loving forever home, and to make sure all adopters find the right fit for their family. Prior to adoption, all dogs and cats will be given all age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies, kennel cough, parvo and distemper, spaying/neutering, intestinal deworming, heartworm testing/treatment, microchipping, and monthly heartworm medication and flea prevention.
Note: We will adopt pets outside of Wisconsin if we can do necessary background and reference checks and the adopters agree to provide necessary follow up information. Also, the adopting family must agree to travel to pick up the pet and agree to transport them back to Wisconsin if they need to be returned at any time.
Sandi Paws Rescue cannot guarantee that any of our rescue animals are purebred, except in very rare instances when they are surrendered with breeding papers. We do our best to classify them based on size and appearance. In the case of puppies, they are classified based on the parents, if known, but please note that puppies may change in size and appearance as they grow older.

Sandi Paws Rescue is a 100% volunteer, foster-based dog and cat rescue.

We do not have a shelter location.


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