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Where can I find out about upcoming adoption events?
Click our "Events" tab on our website. Additional details are posted on our Facebook page.
Where can I find the dogs and cats available for adoption?
Click the "Adopt" tab on our website. Select "Available Dogs and Cats." We usually have multiple pages animals looking for homes, so be sure to check them all out.
If I see a dog or cat I might want to adopt, what do I do?  Where is the adoption application?
Click the "Adopt" tab and select either "Dog Adoption Application" or "Cat Adoption Application." More details on our unique adoption process can be found under "Adoption Process."
If I know I want to adopt, but I haven’t found the perfect match available yet, should I submit an application?
Yes.  Just submit the application without a dog/cat ID.  Then if you have already been approved for adoption, it will be a quick and easy step to get approved for a specific dog or cat when you find one.
Once I submit an application, how long before I hear anything?
Once your application is successfully submitted you should receive an e-mail that confirms it has been received.  Be patient, it may be several days before your hear anything else.  Applications submitted on weekends will also take extra days for processing.  It is very important that you return any calls when messages from us are left for you. 
What can you tell me about a specific puppy?
Not much.  Puppies have a clean slate, and they bring no baggage.  Puppies eat, pee, poop, play, sleep and chew.  That is guaranteed, and they do it all in the cutest way.  Depending on how long they have been away from their litter mates and in a foster home, they may have had a start on being potty and crate trained.   How big will they grow?  Look at their feet and head.  If they are big, they will probably be big.  Any information on their breed and what their parents look like will also give you a general idea of what to expect.
What can you tell me about a specific dog or cat?
There is basic information in their biographies on the website.  Talking to the dog or cat’s current foster is the best way to find out about potty and crate training and ability to get along with other dogs, cats, and young children.  Once you have an approved application, you can ask to be put in touch with a specific pet’s foster.
What is the cost of adopting a dog?
Generally, puppies up to 2 years of age are $450, dogs 2-6 years of age are $400, and dogs 6-10 years of age are $350. For dogs over 10, prices are negotiable. Sales tax is already included in these rates.
What is the cost of adopting a cat?
Generally, kittens up to 2 years of age are $130, cats 2-6 years of age are $100, and cats over 6 years of age are $80. Sales tax is already included in these rates.


How can I volunteer to help?
Click the "Volunteer" tab on our website and fill out the application at the bottom of the page. Please submit it online.
Are there other volunteer opportunities besides becoming a foster home?
Absolutely! You can help with special events, fundraising, and many other needed tasks.  Please fill out an application to join our family.
How can I still help if I don’t want to become an official volunteer at this time?
DONATE! Supplies, gift cards, money - it takes a lot to run a rescue. Click on the "Donate" tab above for details on which items we collect.

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