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Join us at any of our Intake/Adoption Events at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds 11am-2pm or ​Call 844-948-1311 Ext 701 for information on our next microchipping event.
You and your pet belong together. Your dog and cat's microchip implant gives your pet the best chance of returning home to you if lost. However, a microchip must be registered along with your current contact information in order to identify you as your pet’s parent and contact you. Remember as long as there are pets, even those belonging to the most responsible parents, they will go missing.
  • Only dogs and cats may be vaccinated at this clinic.
  • Dogs must be on fixed leashes (not flexi/extendable); cats must be in carriers.
  • Pets will first be scanned for a microchip. They only need one, so if a microchip is found, we will not implant another. However, we will provide the information to check it's registration.
  • A microchip is a tiny chip, about the size of a grain of rice, with a unique ID number. The microchip can be scanned to get the ID number which is associated with you, the owner, and can be used to look up your name, phone number, and email.
  • A microchip protects your pet if they’re ever lost or stolen. A microchip is registered to your name, which identifies you as the owner.
  • When you receive a microchip at one of our clinics, you will be provided the information to register the microchip to your name, phone number, and email address. It's very easy and takes less than 2minutes!
    • Your job is to make sure that you update the microchip information using your online account if you ever move or change your phone number or email!
    • If you ever rehome your pet to another person, you will need to transfer the microchip to the new person using your account.
  • A pet only needs one microchip, so it’s a one-time procedure and cost. It’s inserted using a small needle, and most pets feel little to no pain when receiving a microchip (it’s about the same as when you get your flu shot!)
  • Microchips are not GPS trackers (it would be pretty cool if they were though!) However, a microchip is still important because a collar or tag can fall off an animal, but a microchip will always be there if your pet gets lost!
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